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We know, atleast most of you, want to finish your day at the office, get home by 6 - 6:30PM, and spend some quality time with your family. But...

- Some client needs some urgent information on something that he cannot wait until tomorrow.

- The article student wants to spend time chatting with you about the checklist on what needs to be done and how it should be done. You have explained this a thousand times, but not to the same article.

- There is too much of clutter on your desk and you don't really know what is priority and what's not. The important stuff falls behind while you are slogging at the nifty details of something that could be done later.

This list of reasons keeps going on like the tail of the Monkey God and you don't know how to stop it. In between all this, there is also the business of actually running your business which as a matter of fact, should have been your full time job.


A Chartered Accountant should not do the work of keeping track or follow up. Most of the time is spent in coordination, administration, work allocation, follow up and data search, he has to give this job to a system. With what time he gets a CA should do thinking jobs.  Today few CA's do more of 'doing' and less of 'thinking'.

This talk is also about understanding that you need different tools to scale at different levels. The process that worked when you went from being alone to a team of five, will not work when you want to grow to fifteen and the same process might not work again when you want to become fifty. What you need is a system that adapts to your process, grows with you and becomes a part of your company culture.

Technology is an enabler if you use it the right way and can actually help you take the leap towards a better balance of work and family life. We wish to provide you with that key so that your life is more colourful and you accomplish more.

The event is free, as in, you only have to spend your time, not money. We have space for only 50 people and its filling up fast. So register now!

Speaker: CA M Guru Prasad
Guru Prasad is a CA in practice in Bangalore, one of the first Professionals to have a paper less office.  He created one of the first fully functional network in India and is currently assocaited with Asnaf Globally.  His firm has 170 people and he has been able to close his work before evening by good practices in the progression.  The practice is a part of culture change and technology merged together.  His experience in this area would help co-profesionals a lot.  Guru & Jana has a website, and is the first in a population of billion people to file tax returns.  They contribute to publications, CSR activity, handle in excess of 300 audits, many corporate work, and yet have time for themselves.


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